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Aprul Fewlz.

2009-04-01 02:37:40 by pickleman77

There, I said it. Now banish me.

Nice layout...

2009-04-01 02:24:00 by pickleman77

April fools...?



2008-03-18 23:57:56 by pickleman77



Happy Hanukkah!

2007-12-04 21:18:04 by pickleman77


Happy Hanukkah!

Still Alive and More!

2007-11-03 13:35:10 by pickleman77

Well, been a while since I posted a news story.
I made a remix of Still Alive from Portal... if you've never heard the song, it probably won't sound too good, though.
I've also remixed This is Halloween into a technoish piece.
Then there's Seven Nation Army and The Breakfast Machine.

So yeah... listen please.

More remixes!!!!

2007-09-08 11:09:21 by pickleman77

I've made a few new songs I thought I might share with you guys.

A remix of the song played while you battle Master Hand in Smash Bros,

A remix of the song played in Celadon in Pokemon,

A medley of Metroid and Megaman songs,

A remix of the song played in Hyrule Field in Twilight Princess,

A speedy remix of the Sonic 2 Boss Battle song,

And many more.

Don't forget to listen to my older songs as well! They're great!


More remixes!!!!

New Songs!

2007-08-22 22:34:47 by pickleman77

I've made a few new songs:

One is a remix of the Sonic 2 Boss Battle song

One is a remix of the overworld song from Mario Bros. 3..

And the other is a remix of the song played in Wind Waker when you meet the Deku Tree.

I gotta admit, my earlier songs came out waaaay better than these 3...
I recommend my OOT Techno Medley and Poke Center Trance.


2007-08-13 23:40:45 by pickleman77

Well, I've finally had a song featured in a submission. Sure, it's not the best movie ever, but it's still good... Be sure to check out my other songs in my profile... Use 'em in your submissions... please?