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Not bad...

I thought it was a good idea, and it had a funny script, but the voice acting, no offense, took away from what could have been a really funny flash. It just sort of seemed boring and emotionless. I think you really should have looked in the Voice Acting Club. I hear there's some good talent there. Other than that, though, everything was great.


Fived. Favorited. Awesome.

A fine flash but...

Although the graphics were fairly well done, I felt as if it was lacking the voice acting which would have fit best. The voices synced up well, but I didn't hear the professionalism I saw in the graphic qualities of the movie. I found it to be funny at times, and at others, suspenseful. Much of the time, I was just blown away at the amount of effort which went into creating this. The music fit the scenes very well, although I felt it was a little too dramatic at certain parts where it shouldn't have been. Overall, this flash is definitely one of my favorites, and I will remember it for years to come. Well done!

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To Vamyla (below)

That is what she said. Anyways, great concept! Hard to believe your first game was this intuitive! I loved it. =)


I'm not sure exactly why this game is so fun, but it is. Without the hyper mode, this game would be a 2 or 3 for sure. But the game was very entertaining the way it is so I'll give you a 9. Also, a better name would be "Ski Trip"

It wasn't fun.

I understand this is a Peggle clone, and I won't knock off points for that. I will, however knock off points because it removes everything that was fun about Peggle. Whether you realize it or not, the sound in Peggle is one of the things that really makes the game. If you try playing it with the sound off, it loses its flare. The thing that makes it addictive is the constantly rising sound effects as your ball hits the colored pegs. I didn't hear that in this game, and I understand you were trying to add some originality to it, but it really lacks the things that made Peggle great. And don't forget extreme fever mode. Again, I know you were trying to stray away from Peggle's unique qualities to make it more your own, but it just seemed boring without these things. It wasn't a bad Peggle clone, and certainly not a bad game. I guess I didn't like it because I was playing Peggle 2 for the past few days. It had some good graphics (although I'm a bit tired of space-themed games) and good gameplay. Overall, though, I give you a 6 out of 10, as it lacked the things that make me interested.

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I saw your post on the front page and decided to check out your music to see if the quality you implied was actually evident, and I can say without a doubt you have exceeded my expectations. Hearing the beginning, I was expecting a slow piece with only slight variation, but as the song progressed, I heard bangs and crashes of cymbals matching up perfectly with the building music. Well done! I'm gonna go check out your other stuff. :D

Garageband loops? Really?

Wow... You could have at least mentioned that you didn't make any of the sounds from this and just put a bunch of loops together. You put them together well, but anyone could do that. I could make something like this in my sleep.

Pretty good!

I thought it was good, but on my speakers, it was really hard to hear the gameboy part, so I went into my preferences and changed from left to right speakers in tune with the music... it was an interactive experience, in a way for me. You may want to try this- it's quite a bit of fun to hear this kind of transition between guitar and gameboy in your control!

pheel responds:

Thanks very much, glad you enjoyed it :)

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