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I saw your post on the front page and decided to check out your music to see if the quality you implied was actually evident, and I can say without a doubt you have exceeded my expectations. Hearing the beginning, I was expecting a slow piece with only slight variation, but as the song progressed, I heard bangs and crashes of cymbals matching up perfectly with the building music. Well done! I'm gonna go check out your other stuff. :D

Garageband loops? Really?

Wow... You could have at least mentioned that you didn't make any of the sounds from this and just put a bunch of loops together. You put them together well, but anyone could do that. I could make something like this in my sleep.

Pretty good!

I thought it was good, but on my speakers, it was really hard to hear the gameboy part, so I went into my preferences and changed from left to right speakers in tune with the music... it was an interactive experience, in a way for me. You may want to try this- it's quite a bit of fun to hear this kind of transition between guitar and gameboy in your control!

pheel responds:

Thanks very much, glad you enjoyed it :)


That was freakin awesome. 'Nuff said.

Nintechno responds:

Thanks! I love gettin reviews like this: While people dont say WHY they liked it, they give it a 10. So i'm led to assume that they liked EVERYTHING =)


That was awesome! I loved the upbeat tempo and nice use of all the different synths! The beat was nice and I found my head bobbing up and down to the rhythm. Amazing!

Go with something else...

Try maybe techno or something, because Metal only sounds good with real instruments.

Epsilon-Eclipse responds:

Well.. techno isn't really my genre, but I guess I don't really have the instruments or recording stuff to make this with real stuff. I guess I put it under metal because the rhythms are metal.

Not Bad!

Very true to the original! I think it could've used a little more precussion, but otherwise, good job!


That was sweet! I don't understand why this scored low! I love it!

edgemeer responds:

who knows why things score high or low, i quit trying to gauge that some time ago on any site with user ratings. i gather maybe length of the song, maybe a little slow for some people's tastes? maybe it's gremlins? anyways, glad you liked it.


That was awesome! It was a great idea, and I thought both parts were well planned out! Excellent job!

Meebs responds:

Thanks, I'm glad it's well-recieved.


It was just... too simple. I didn't really like the instruments all that n=much, and there wasn't enough in this track to make it great. I made a remix based on the same song, and I think what was wrong with yours was that it lacked multiple tracks running at once, so it lacked depth. Keep working on it.

Sk8er4lif2 responds:

I noticed this reply and for some reason i didnt notice it before, "It was just... too simple." < This is what you said. I have no idea what you are talking about, this is NOT a remix unlike yours. Its supposed to be just like the original. The original didnt have multiple tracks running at the same time. it had one main track and drums THATS IT! yours is a shitty remix thats has random drums and is a lot faster. Dont critisize someones work unless you have something to back yourself up that is relevent to mine.

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