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To Vamyla (below)

That is what she said. Anyways, great concept! Hard to believe your first game was this intuitive! I loved it. =)


I'm not sure exactly why this game is so fun, but it is. Without the hyper mode, this game would be a 2 or 3 for sure. But the game was very entertaining the way it is so I'll give you a 9. Also, a better name would be "Ski Trip"

It wasn't fun.

I understand this is a Peggle clone, and I won't knock off points for that. I will, however knock off points because it removes everything that was fun about Peggle. Whether you realize it or not, the sound in Peggle is one of the things that really makes the game. If you try playing it with the sound off, it loses its flare. The thing that makes it addictive is the constantly rising sound effects as your ball hits the colored pegs. I didn't hear that in this game, and I understand you were trying to add some originality to it, but it really lacks the things that made Peggle great. And don't forget extreme fever mode. Again, I know you were trying to stray away from Peggle's unique qualities to make it more your own, but it just seemed boring without these things. It wasn't a bad Peggle clone, and certainly not a bad game. I guess I didn't like it because I was playing Peggle 2 for the past few days. It had some good graphics (although I'm a bit tired of space-themed games) and good gameplay. Overall, though, I give you a 6 out of 10, as it lacked the things that make me interested.


Number 18 is a rhombus. It is most definitely a rhombus. Don't even try to tell me otherwise. Wait, it's not! GOD ITS SO FRUSTURATING! Awesome concept, though. One I've never really seen before. I give you a 10 for originality.

Evil-Dog responds:

I appreciate it :)

Not Bad!

You seemed to have a pretty good grasp on what you wanted from the game. It was fairly addictive and fun. The only things it was missing were awesome amazing graphics, and some music. Other than that, great job on your first game!

xdragonx10 responds:

Thanks for the review, in my next game I'll make sure to spend more time on the graphics and sound.

That... was... AWESOME!

I love when games like this get posted. You obviously put a hell of a lot of effort into this, and for that, I congratulate you for getting it finished. I really liked the ability to buy new guns. Without this, the game would have been plain boring. It sort of felt like Alien Hominid mixed with Thing Thing mixed with your own style. I really enjoyed it!


A great game! Could have used more powerups, but the overall style and fun of the game kept me playing! It seems a bit unprofessional, though, when you don't use an icon...

Collisions collisions...

It was a halfway decent clone, alhough it really would have made my experience better if the ball didn't really sink into the block, you know? It seems like whenever the ball hits something, it goes into it a little bit and then bounces out- even the paddle. You need to work on making the ball just bounce right off when it collides with blocks. I liked the fact that you had powerups, although they could have better distinction between them... like different pictures or symbols to designate which powerup is which. Overall, a decent effort, but it was just too flawed to make it entireably enjoyable.

It was great...but...

You need background music! The game had what could have been a very epic feel, and I was sorta left behind without epic background music! Put that in the next version!

Would you like some great gameplay with that?

Listen, AMAZING graphics. Nice smoke effect and everything, but you really need to focus on the gameplay! That's what makes a game great! Add some power-ups, some difficulty, some upgrades, and this would be a great game.

WarpZone responds:

I'm on it! :)

Thanks! :)

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