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Not bad...

I thought it was a good idea, and it had a funny script, but the voice acting, no offense, took away from what could have been a really funny flash. It just sort of seemed boring and emotionless. I think you really should have looked in the Voice Acting Club. I hear there's some good talent there. Other than that, though, everything was great.


Fived. Favorited. Awesome.

A fine flash but...

Although the graphics were fairly well done, I felt as if it was lacking the voice acting which would have fit best. The voices synced up well, but I didn't hear the professionalism I saw in the graphic qualities of the movie. I found it to be funny at times, and at others, suspenseful. Much of the time, I was just blown away at the amount of effort which went into creating this. The music fit the scenes very well, although I felt it was a little too dramatic at certain parts where it shouldn't have been. Overall, this flash is definitely one of my favorites, and I will remember it for years to come. Well done!


Lol RANDOM! I liked it a lot. It was also cool how you guys made the music for it yourself. .....One Layer Collab soooon!

TommyVF responds:

Thanks, liked the song? Awesome!
One Layer Collab = Submitted!



It's great to see someone who WAITS to submit their first flash to Newgrounds to when they're actually good at flash! I liked your movie a lot for a first movie, so It's awesome you didn't start with a crappy stick figure fight! Once again, nice work!

Lazer-B responds:

Thanks. This isn't acutally my first flash, but it's my first finished movie.


Dude your 14 and your animation and art are this good? God, I can't wait to see how you improve over the years... anyways, loved the movie, even though I'm Jewish... Lol. I love all the great sound effects and stuff... They really gave it a comedic style. Nice job! 5'd and favorited! (Both you and the movie!) Can't wait till the one layer collab comes out!

MarcyVF responds:

Thanks, everybody's talking 'bout my age! I didn't know I was THAT good!

Thanks, you've actually joined the collab, haven't you?



Never seen anything like it before! Definitely belongs in the experimental collection.

MorrowDays responds:

thanks pickleman! blatant advertising in my sig actually works! awesome! :)

thanks for the review.


Ummm... EXCUSE ME? Why am I not in the co-authors spot? If you're gonna do a collab, you better give all the authors credit in the actual authors section! Like subzero said, you really need to add EVERYONE.


It was amazing. The usual Blockhead awesome humor + Ghostmas. Amazing.


It remidns me of one of those movies that plays when you blam or save a submission. Very epic!

Eternal-Panda responds:

You know, I still have yet to see one of those.

Thanks for the review =)

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